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A home theater brings the ultimate entertainment experience into your home. Now you can watch movies and TV from the safety and comfort of your living room or dedicated theater room. No lines at the snack counter. No crowded lobbies. No sticky floors. Your home theater can be a simple design with a TV and surround sound system or as elaborate as you can dream with a commercial quality sound system and projection screen.

Every system we design is tailored to each client individually, customizing it to be as easy as possible to operate and, keeping it both sonically and visually appealing. Often times our designed systems look and sound better than commercial cinemas!

Why us?

McMahon Media is a one stop, full service company. We offer design and consultation, installation, equipment acquisition, training, and support with the best customer service before and after the project is finished.


A real world scenario…

A family located in Sudbury, Ma spoke with McMahon Media about a project they were planning on for their new residence currently in the process of being built. They had already hired another A/V company to come in and fix a problem with their current home theater system. Not resolving the issue they threw their hands up and said let’s start fresh and do it right with the next house. Again they hired the other A/V company to start the design process for their new home.

After a couple meetings with the client McMahon Media was invited to see the plans for the new system and asked what we thought. During a meeting at their home we took a peek at the home theater room they currently had. They expressed to us that it had not worked correctly for the 3 years they lived there. McMahon Media was able to find the problem before we left the meeting and was contracted on the spot to design and build all the A/V systems, lighting control, and theater room for the new home.

The design included Genelec speakers in the theater, known for their use in recording studios to reproduce highly accurate sound. A Stewart Filmscreen and Digital Projection DLP projector were chosen for their accurate image quality. The homeowner told us “I need some quality gear as I often have clients over the house for meetings and stuff.” Crestron controlled all the systems throughout the house and it had 17 zones of distributed audio and a surround sound system in the living room.

McMahon Media chose a different room than the first integrator as we felt it provided for a better seating arrangement. We provided to the homeowner soundproofing specs, seating design, and equipment engineering.

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