Media Rooms

What is a Media Room and how does it differ than a Theater Room? A theater room is designed mainly for watching movies. The room typically is set up for that purpose. Seating is arranged for ideal viewing, lighting is easily controlled as it is typically dark, the sound system is arranged for multi-row tiered seating, and often acoustical treatments are used.

A Media Room is essentially a multi-purpose room where audio and video are a part of it. Often times this room is one’s living room, family room, den, or other space not dedicated to just watching movies. Like a theater room the sound system is designed for movie and music playback and the video screen is usually a large screen, whether a TV or projection system. More often than not the electronics are hidden out of sight in a cabinet or another room altogether.

Some Media Rooms have multiple video screens for viewing more than one source such as sporting events or watching TV on one screen while viewing security cameras on another.

Many of our clients want the technology hidden in their Media Room. There are many ways to accomplish this with in-wall speakers, electric screens that disappear into the ceiling, and equipment racks built into cabinets. We can design the appropriate layout and measurements for your builder or cabinet maker to hide just about anything.

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