Conference Rooms

McMahon Media provides audio video technology for business as well as private residences. Commercial spaces have their own unique challenges and vary from industry to industry. We have provided A/V systems for the following:

Conference Rooms

Executive Boardrooms

Corporate Training Facilities


Professional Recording Studios

Private Recording Studios

Retail Space


Board room AV equipment
Corporate Conference Rooms

Corporate offices use A/V inside their conference rooms for displaying data and video from laptops. Often times that information is shared across the office, across the country, or even across the world. Videoconferencing has become increasingly popular. We design and implement this technology to be as easy to use as possible while being able to share content amongst employees flawlessly, whether its 2 employees or 1,000.

Heavy distribution of audio and video have become the norm at restaurants and bars. There’s a television almost everywhere you look. With ever changing copyright protection distributing digital TV signals does pose some challenges. We stay on top of these changes to keep things flowing as originally intended.

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